“I never thought I would be a homeowner. I always paid my bills on time, but could never keep enough in my savings. When I learned about USDA loans I couldn’t believe that a program like this even existed! I am a proud owner of a 3 bedroom 2 bath home because of this loan.”

-Cherish G., Sea Ranch Lakes, FL

“I am a single mom and have three children and buying a home was only a dream a few months ago. Yesterday I signed my final loan documents and my children now have a yard to play in! Thank you! Thank you!”

-Amanda R., Hugo, OK

“I didn’t really believe I could own my own home. One day I got a call from a loan agent from USDA R.D. Loans.com who helped me understand that even I could have my own home.”

-Dale D., Jackson, CA

“I had rented a small house for the past seven years. A friend told me about these USDA loans so I decided to give it a try. My mortgage payment is now less than my rent was. I love my home!”

-Regina B., Alpena, MI

“I prayed the whole way thru this process that I would get to this point and be writing my heartfelt thanks to you! So here it is…..When I first spoke to you when you something told me you were a good company. You not only answered every question, but you did it round the clock! You replied to EVERY email! Most importantly, you made me feel supported the entire way thru this process. You knew exactly what to say to keep the encouragement going! You have made our dreams a reality and we will forever be thankful.”

-Marge, PA


Don and Bella were first time homebuyers who had blemished credit and a prior bankruptcy. They were anxious to buy their first home and we were able to find the financing that fit their specific situation the best. We were able to help them purchase their first home with NO MONEY DOWN. Although their credit was not perfect, we were still able to close smoothly and by the contract date as we have a great deal of experience with all types of credit scenarios and know how to get loans closed.

April and Craig were looking to purchase the duplex that they lived in. They had originally come to us for a USDA loan. After review of their income and the home they wanted to purchase it was determined they were not candidates for a USDA loan. Although they had good credit, sometimes financing multi-family properties can be more involved. USDA has income limits that they exceeded and USDA will not finance a multi-family unit. We were able to match them with an excellent loan alternative. After finding the best loan for their needs we were able to secure them a great rate with a painless loan process and closing. Our team is knowledgeable with all types of loans and properties. If we cannot match you with your first choice of loan we will search for the best alternative.

Shawn contacted us hoping to get pre-qualified for a USDA loan. When we pulled his credit he had a 560 credit score. Other than the low score, his credit was surprisingly clean. Many times credit scores are lowered by simply having high balances on your revolving credit accounts. Revolving credit accounts are credit cards and credit accounts with high credit limit and a revolving line of credit up to that limit. These do not include car payments, student loans or installment loans. Shawn paid down his three credit cards and within two weeks his score jumped to an astounding 655. We were able to have him approved with the 655 and he was in his new home less than 60 days after coming to us with the 560 credit score.

Barb contacted us about qualifying for a USDA loan. Her credit score was initially pulled as a 650. After the longer than usual time it took to find her perfect home we updated her credit and her score had lowered to a 620. With our extreme knowledge of the guidelines with lower scores we were able to meet the requirements the underwriter and USDA needed in order to approve her with the lower score. Other companies turn you away with lower credit scores, but not us. We will work with you and give you detailed advice on what to do so that you can qualify as quickly as possible. We will be with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.

Chris applied with us in early March and during the pre-qualification process it was discovered that he had a low credit score of 550. He also had very limited credit and did not pay rent. We explained to him that it would be at least four to six months before he could qualify and there were a few very important things he needed to do before then. We advised him to immediately open three credit cards and keep very low balances on all accounts while making the payments on time each month to help his score. We also told him that since he didn’t pay rent he would need to have money saved to show the underwriter he can handle the new housing payment. We kept in constant contact with Chris to check up on his progress and answer any questions he had along the way. He saved a little money each month and within six months he saved $2,300. The credit cards we advised him to open and stay current on payments brought his original credit score of 550 to 642. We did not turn him away simply because we couldn’t help him at that moment. We knew the process could take six months and we helped him along those six months so he could qualify for his dream home.

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