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USDA RD Loans is dedicated to transforming the home purchase market. Part of that “transformation” is based upon prompt and convenient communication with our clients, vendors and others. For that reason, we offer various means of communication including email, fax, telephone, chat, snail-mail, express mail, voice mail, etc. To demonstrate our commitment to prompt and convenient communications, we have adopted the following terms and conditions regarding email, which are incorporated by reference into all emails sent and received by our agents (i.e., our employees). Our communications with you via email are conditioned upon your agreement to the following terms.


Email is an effective means of communicating a message. However, due to its brief and informal nature, email may not accurately represent the entire or final disposition of a matter or the official business records of the Company. In most instances, communications on a particular matter are exchanged through multiple channels such as through emails, faxes, voicemails, letters, IM, telephone, and in person. Indeed, communications on a particular matter may be exchanged through multiple channels, all at the same time, such as when an email responds to a voicemail, a fax follows-up a personal meeting, a voicemail responds to an email, etc. Accordingly, email, by itself, may not accurately reflect the complete communication or intent of the Company as to the subject matter referred to within the communication, nor constitute an official business record of the Company. All official matters should be subsequently confirmed in signed writings. Also, the mere receipt of an email by the Company may not put the Company on notice, timely or otherwise, of the matters contained within that email.


Emails sent by our agents are confidential (and all attachments to such emails are confidential) and are to be reviewed and/or disclosed to only the individual or entity to whom they are addressed and intended. If you received an email in error or if it was improperly forwarded to you, the information contained in the email should, at all times, remain confidential and such circumstances shall not authorize you to use or disclose the confidential information. Please notify the sender immediately by telephone or email, and delete or destroy the original and any copies. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited. Emails marked as “Confidential” contain confidential and/or proprietary information that is disclosed under the condition that you treat and maintain such information strictly in a confidential manner and in compliance with applicable privacy laws (including but not limited to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) and that you ensure such information is not disclosed or used by others, except for the limited and confidential purpose for which it is being provided. By accepting and reviewing confidential information provided by the Company, you agree to indemnify and hold the Company harmless against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, or expenses, including attorney’s fees that the Company may incur as a result of the unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information due to your acts or omissions.


Emails exchanged with or involving our Legal Team may contain privileged information subject to the attorney client privilege and/or the attorney work product privilege. Such privileged information shall not be waived if you receive an email in error or if it was improperly forwarded to you. If you are not the intended recipient of privileged information, please notify the sender immediately by telephone or email and delete or destroy the original and any copies. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, reproduction, or distribution of confidential or privileged information is strictly prohibited.


Do not use email to communicate time-sensitive instructions or official company matters; they may not be received or reviewed by the appropriate agent in a timely manner. All emails are processed through various virus and spam filters which may delay or reject the delivery of an email altogether. Urgent matters should be communicated in person directly with the person of concern via telephone and then confirmed in writing with the appropriate person via fax or email. The Company reserves the right to block any email source it deems inappropriate.


The Company’s email facilities are to be used only for conducting business with our Company. Vendors, suppliers, clients and others receiving email from our Team Members may not use our agents email address or contact information (or any other person’s email address appearing on or in Company email) for any purpose other than corresponding with our Company for lawful and legitimate business purposes relating to the business of our Company. The receipt of an email is not our Company’s consent, nor our Team Member’s consent, for you to use our agents email address or contact information for direct marketing purposes or for transfers of data to third-parties, and such use is strictly prohibited.


All emails sent to or from our Team Members may be forwarded, monitored, and/or reviewed by others within our Company other than the designated recipient/sender with or without notice to the designated recipient/sender. We may also record or monitor other forms of communications you have with us via the website, PC-talk, chat, email, and telephone. By using such communications methods you are consenting to the recording or monitoring of the same.


Computer viruses can be transmitted via email through email content, attachments to emails and embedded links. Although our emails are believed to be free of any virus or other defects that might affect computer systems in which they are received and opened, it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that any email they open is virus free. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage arising in any way from the receipt, use, storage or transmission of our emails. If our Company forwards an email or replies to a prior email, the contents may have been produced by someone other than our Company or our Team Members for which the Company assumes no liability whatsoever. THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY THAT COMPANY EMAILS ARE VIRUS FREE AND/OR ERROR FREE. The use of email to introduce any virus, malicious or disabling code, or to otherwise interfere with the Company’s email transmissions, telecommunication, or computer networks is prohibited and against the law; violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


This email may constitute an advertisement or solicitation under U.S. law, if its primary purpose is to advertise or promote a commercial product or service. If you do not wish to receive advertising and promotional messages from USDA RD Loans at this email address please specify your preference by visiting opting out at



What are USDA RD Loans mobile alerts?

USDA RD Loans Text Alerts provides a secure and easy way to access interest rates and receive promotional and mortgage information from almost any mobile device or cell phone.

How do I sign up for USDA RD Loan mobile alerts?

Sign up for USDA RD Loans Text Alerts by texting “USDA” to 440-796-1642. By signing up and choosing your subscription, you will receive up to 10 messages per month. USDA RD Loans Text Alerts are not mobile spam. The service is a recurring message program.

Is it free?

We won’t charge you when you send a text message to the seven-digit U.S. number 204-724-8732 or when you receive a response. However, message and data rates may apply depending on the wireless plan that you have with your carrier.

What are the participating carriers?

AT&T, T-Mobile®, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Cellular One, MetroPCS, InterOp, Cellular Com, C Spire Wireless, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and Cincinnati Bell.

What if I don’t want to receive any more messages?

If you wish to stop receiving text messages from us, you may unsubscribe by texting the word “STOP” to the seven-digit U.S. phone number 204-724-8732. Once your telephone number is removed from our system, you will receive a final confirmation message and no further messages will be sent to your cell phone or mobile device.

What if I want to opt back in?

You can start receiving USDA RD Loans Text Alerts messages again by following the steps outlined in the above section: “How do I sign up for USDA RD Loans Text Alerts?”

What if I want more information?

When your mobile device or cell phone is ready to send and receive text massages, you may text the word “HELP” to the seven-digit U.S. phone number 204-724-8732 for more information.


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